Tuesday afternoon and the tribes are gathering!

I’m writing this from the 9th floor of the Hilton Hotel in Irvine, CA . . . which is right across the street from the John Wayne Airport and not very far from the ocean. Had lunch an hour ago with old friends Marilyn, Chris, and Donna who are part of the genius Unite2FightParalysis team responsible for this gathering.

Who are we?  People who want to fight for a faster cure.  People in chairs, people who love people in chairs, people who have some skin in this game.  People from all over the world.  Some of us are over 60, and some of us are teenagers.

What are we doing?  We’re going to hang out together and meet a bunch of scientists who are working on a faster cure and let them tell us more about it.  This year the focus is on regeneration, and many of the scientists are working here in California  We’re going to ask them hard questions; we’ve been at this for awhile now and our sense of urgency is only growing.  We need their sense of urgency to grow, too.

Some of us having fun at last year’s gathering

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One Comment on “Tuesday afternoon and the tribes are gathering!”

  1. cindy waters Says:

    thank you katewill, alot of work involved here and we appreciate it and have passed it along to other forums

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