All New Scientific Advisory Board for u2fp — GREAT news.

Marilyn is talking about Geoff Kent, who left w2w a couple of years ago and went home determined to make a difference.  He started an org called SCI Sucks, (subtitle always makes me smile:  People tell us to change the name, but then we wouldn’t be telling the truth.) which raises money through marathons and has given that money to a number of labs.  It was his idea to start a Scientific Advisory Board . . . SCI Sucks and u2fp have now formed a partnership, which also includes Bob Yant.

Starting today, that advisory board exists.  Along with it is an Advocate Research Committee.  Together these groups of scientists and advocates, all top quality people with proven track records in their fields, will make it possible for those who have resources to direct their funds most effectively toward what everybody here is waiting for: a cure for the chronic injury.

This is really good news!

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One Comment on “All New Scientific Advisory Board for u2fp — GREAT news.”

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