Dennis Tesolat Video (StemCellsandAtomBombs guy)

Hopefully there will be a link to it soon . . . for now, the deal is that Dennis has made a video (that’s about to be displayed, hopefully) from his home in Japan.

Ah, here we go.  It starts with carnival barker music, then Dennis appears.

“I’d like to talk about us smashing down the barriers to cure through activism.”

He was still in the hospital when he first saw the website for u2fp .  . the name hit him in the head.  There was a group that was shouting to the whole world that you can FIGHT.  Hospital beds are lonely places, and these people made it much less lonely.

Shows a picture of Tommy Douglas, who was the father of public health insurance in Canada — changing the lives and health of an entire nation.  He also got me thinking.

While I was in the hospital I started a blog . . Stem Cells and Atom Bombs . . . they built the bomb in 3 years, not just by throwing money at it, but by organizing.  Just getting more people to believe that a cure is possible is a very important thing . . . you’re not just raising awareness, you’re not just trying to improve your quality of life, you’re always trying to cure paralysis.

It makes no sense for people to be in chairs.  Cure is possible.

You want to be surrounded by people who believe that cure is possible.  My first email campaign was to get a paralyzed jockey to Switzerland so he could be part of the Stem Cell Inc trials.  We didn’t ask people to feel sorry for him, we asked for focus on curing spinal cord injury.

People attract people, who attract more people.

Don’t be afraid of failure.  Look for barriers and smash them.

He’s trying to build a network of people, whom he is calling Cure Captains.  He has people in New Zealand, the UK, Denmark, and many other places.

Get moving!  Do it as soon as you get home, while your energy is still high.

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