Morning at the Reeve Irvine Research Center

Dr. Os Steward is describing how the place works . . . there are senior scientists, post grad fellowship people, grad students, technicians.

The technicians are all dressed up today, which they’re laughing about because most of the time they’re very much dressed down; one of them is talking now.

Her normal day is making rats pee, morning and night.  All our days are spent in the basement; we don’t see the sun much, don’t know what the weather is.  Every day of the year, no exceptions, because the animals need to be cared for.  An operation like this requires a LOT of people.

The plan for us today is to meet with the postdoc fellows, hearing about what they’re working on, getting a chance to ask them how what they’re doing is going to help US.  The grad students are the ones who are just starting their projects.  We’re going to see how labs work . . . from the cellular  level to animal models to human performance labs, where they’re looking at what kinds of rehab work best for people with impaired function.

He asks for questions, but we don’t know what to ask yet . . .

Kelly Sharp steps up to explain the logistics.  The senior scientists will be arranged around the various labs, ready to explain and take questions as needed.  We’re free to roam around and see what there is to see for about an hour and a half, then come back to eat.  They’ve set up their most intriguing equipment so that we can see what it is and how it works.

Hmmmm.  Not sure how I’m going to do this blog thing in that scenario.  Probably go around and find the most crazy-interesting things & try to describe as we go.

Some background — Reeve Irvine Research Center got started because an elderly woman with a lot of money and a love of horses saw Chris Reeve being interviewed on television not long after his injury.  She was touched and impressed that he didn’t blame the horse, and she sent him a note volunteering to hand over a million dollars to establish a center here.  The story is that Dana and a friend were opening the piles of mail and came across that note, almost dismissing it as impossible.

But here we are.  It’s a 4-story building that’s obviously built for access.  Off we go.

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