Let’s Review: Part Two

Keeping with the Let’s Review numbering in order of appearance, here’s what stood out to me next:

#5.  At the Q and A session with Dr Blackmore and Dr Steward, advocate Bob Yant’s comment: 

I’ve been to maybe 100 conferences, and this moment is almost surreal, to have been in this room hearing two different scientists talk about regeneration in published work that led to functional recovery.

 #6. Ravi Bellamkonda’s clever and necessary delivery system for ChABC, the 50-100 nanometer microtube that lets the ChABC go after the CSPGs for as long as six weeks with a single application.

#7.  This isn’t in the blog anywhere, but there was a moment on the first day after Jerry Silver talked about removing the CSPG roadblocks when he told me that today was just the warm-up . . . he was going to talk about the really important new stuff on Friday.  The man is fairly humming with intensity and a sort of happy warrior feeling.

#8.  From the Q and A just before lunch on the first day, when Os Steward stood up and said that he’d been thinking about the concept of a Manhattan-style project . . . what would it take, really, to create a single-minded, worldwide collaboration intensely focused on repairing a damaged cord?  His answer was a billion dollars.  And our friend from Ireland, Martin Codyre, was quick to say that if it looked like there was a plan and an Oppenheimer to run it, the money would be there.  

More Review to come.


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