Let’s Review: Part Three

Moving right along . . . we’re on my ninth important takeaway from the conference.

#9.  Marilyn’s announcement that u2fp has recruited a team of top researchers to serve as their Scientific Advisory Board.  It’s pretty stunning, to think that this little organization, started 7 years ago with no money, no connections, nothing but grit and frustration with the status quo has stepped up in so many ways.  

#10.  Advocate Dennis Tesolat saying, “A hospital bed is a lonely place.”  Advocate Bob Yant saying that he went to the top 12 researchers in the world and asked each of them, “What have we done so far, what do we still need to do?”  And got a unanimous answer: regenerate the corticospinal tract, which is, incredibly, exactly what’s being described right here.  Advocate Roman Reed saying he thinks we have the winning lottery ticket right in this room.

#11.  Dr Steward saying that if there were $1 Billion, the Manhattan Project would happen.  Dr. Silver saying that his lab is working on chronics, and that he thinks everybody who has a robust result SHOULD be working on chronics.

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One Comment on “Let’s Review: Part Three”

  1. Jerry frisk Says:

    Thanks for posting all this great inspiring info…curenow!

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