Let’s Review: Part Five

#15.  Dr. Mark Tuzynski talking about axons growing abundantly across the injury site in rats with cords transected two weeks post-injury.  He used human neural stem cells along with a gel matrix to get this result, and he’s right now trying to repeat the experiment with primates.  Such good work, so carefully done, so encouraging.

#16.  Getting an update from Dr. Hans Keirstead, who has taken “old” astrocyte cells from an SCI scar and turned back the clock — manipulated them into becoming “young” and therefore useful instead of prohibitive.

#17.  Hearing about a surgery that can restore some hand function (“You won’t be able to play a guitar, but you’ll be able to hold a pen . . . “) for quads.  Dr. Justin Brown is currently looking for patients.

#18.  Finally, can’t stop without mentioning the geek/toy room at RIRC.  So much creativity and effort and ingenuity going into trying to get tools made that will help people do the rehab that’s going to be a key component of any cure that comes from the labs.

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